This Newsletter recounts events and developments for the year between March 2006 - 2007

ASTAboard, the educational standards and accreditation entity, announced provisional accreditation approval for Maryland and Ohio in-State ASTA resource judges programs. Under leadership of U. S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker, a background paper proposing changes to the structure and function of accreditation is now being considered by ASTAboard Directors.

In late February, U. S. Representatives Henry J. Hyde, Clifford Stearns and Howard Coble received ASTAR leadership with warm words of support for the efforts initiated by Ohio and Maryland.

On March 1st, ASTAR President Franklin M. Zweig welcomed as a member the North Carolina Special Superior Court for Complex Business Cases. Presiding Judge Ben F. Tennille, President of the American Academy of Business Court Judges, attended the Judges' Medical School, along with Business Court colleagues Hon. Albert Diaz and Hon. John R. Jolly, Jr.

The 2006 ASTAR National Judges' Medical School was held at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine March 8-11. 61 judges and 29 faculty members participated in a highly evaluated series of medical briefings, grand rounds and case adjudication clinics.

Hon. Pauline Newman was presented the first Eveleth Award for excellence in uniting justice and science.

Also attending the JMS was William "Joe" Knight, Dean of the University of Washington School of Law. UWash is planning ahead for an ASTA resource judge program for Washington State judges and other judges from the Northwest's State and Federal jurisdictions.

The Ohio ASTA resource judge program, led by Hon. H. Fred Inderlied, completed planning for its April 20-21 program on reproductive medicine at the Ohio State University School of Medicine.

The Maryland ASTA resource judge program, led by Hon. Glenn T. Harrell, convened its steering committee on March 20 to complete planning for its April 27-29 in-State workshop at the U. S. Department of Agriculture and the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center.

The Science in Your Courtroom Judicial Desk Reference book Vol. 1 was initiated.

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Hon. Pauline Newman
2006 Inaugural Recipient
The Eveleth Award for
Excellence in Uniting
Science and Justice
Awarded March 10
At the ASTAR National
Judges Medical School

Hon. Thomas J. Moyer, above, Chairs ASTAR's US Department of Justice supported Project Oversight Committee

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